We all have had those moments in life where it seems as if the storm will never end, everything around us is seemingly falling apart and the cards are increasingly stacked against us.  It is at these times that our strength is tested and our character is built. We either must stand strongly in the face of adversity, or crumble under its unyielding pressure. Such defining moments are eloquently described throughout the pages of Drugs: My Curse, My Savior, a memoir by author, motivational speaker, career coach and corporate executive Jemal Omar Gibson.

The book describes how Gibson has successfully navigated his way through the darkest of life’s valleys and how he escaped the surroundings that unapologetically threatened to destroy him. He candidly shares his experiences in this riveting narrative that evokes every emotion from laughter to tears as the reader is taken on the explosive roller coaster ride that was Gibson’s life.

Born to drug addicted parents, he was forced to navigate through the toxic world of illegal drugs, poverty, and violence in search of a better life. Through sheer determination and his insatiable desire to overcome his challenges, Gibson emerges a better, more grateful and gracious human being.

Accolades for “Drugs My Curse, My Savior

“In chapter after chapter, Gibson shows much resolve of character in sharing his past trials with his readers.  Instead of covering up the weaknesses of those loved-ones enslaved to drug addictions with lies about their lives, he has found strength in the truth.  I believe his confidence that we observe throughout these pages comes from that truth, as well.  When all is said and done, who can argue with the fact that the successes Jemal Gibson has achieved at such a young age are a result of the power of living his truth? And, that truth has indeed set him free.”

~Les Brown, World renown and award-winning motivational speaker, best selling author and speaking coach

“As a film producer, I know the power and importance of imagery and messaging. "Drugs: My Curse My Savior" has some of the most powerful examples of both I've seen in a long time. The message is inspiring, timely and necessary. It speaks to the strength of the human spirit and power of keeping faith in your dreams. A must read!”

~ Will Packer, Film Producer, Rainforest Films

“We found the book to be a must read memoir about. It showed the importance of loyalty, friendship and family. Your story was very relatable, as many have had to deal with the same experiences as yourself. It taught us that no matter where you come from with hard work and determination great things can be achieved. In addition, your story was a very poignant and inspiring journey.”

~ Deloris Keys-Love, Women's Group Book Club at New Age Services Corporation

“A riveting memoir and encouraging MUST READ!”

~ Upscale Magazine

“Jemal Gibson is inspirational and encouraging; his life story is definitely one to be told to millions of people across the country. We are grateful to Jemal for honoring Mocha Moms with his presence and taking the time to create life-changing dialogue.  Many of the men in attendance requested to have Jemal back for a second book discussion.”

~ Cree Davis, Mocha Moms

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